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Compressport Cycling La Visiere On/Off

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Compressport Cycling La Visiere On/Off

A two-in-one product offering at the same time maximum breathability to the forehead and maximum protection to your eyes and ears that`s what this ultra-light headband stands for. Drying fast it procures a feeling of wellbeing during effort.


  • The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry.


  • One of COMPRESSPORT® ’s latest innovations is the On/Off interactive fibre that breathes with you and adjusts your ventilation according to the intensity of your workout.


  • The ERAMICS “mirror effect” activates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin (+92%) and leads to better thermoregulation (+51%).


  • Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.


  • Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fibre


  • For optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft.


  • The targeted positioning of the mesh structures on the shoulders evacuate body heat and sweat meaning you stay dry regardless of the outside temperature and the intensity and duration of the effort.

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